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Hotel Villa Guadalupe Malaga
Location. Villa Guadalupe is located in Malaga, Spain, five kilometres from the city's historic centre and seven kilometres from the beach.
Hotel Features. This traditional terracotta tiled and whitewashed hillside hotel overlooks Malaga and the coast, and has an outdoor pool bar and patio. Staff are multilingual, and there are complimentary parking facilities.

Villa Guadalupe's Restaurante Amador has a local and international a la carte menu plus a daily set menu, and features a backdrop of mosaics, oil paintings, and sculptures. The hotel also has a poolside bar.

There are conference rooms, plus complimentary wireless Internet access throughout the property.

Guestrooms. Villa Guadalupe's 11 guestrooms have white walls, large windows, modern artworks, and marble floors. They include balconies, air conditioning, complimentary wireless Internet, DVD players, and satellite television. Bathrooms feature heated floors and complimentary toiletries.

Expert Tip. While well known as a beach resort, the city of Malaga is also full of history and cultural attractions. It preserved several buildings from the years of its Moorish occupation, and there is also a well preserved Roman theatre. The artist Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, and the Picasso Museum houses one of the finest collections of his works in the world.
Driving Directions to Hotel Villa Guadalupe Malaga
From Malaga Airport (AGP):
Distance to Villa Guadalupe is 13 kilometres, approximately 15 minutes' drive.

Getting there. Trains run between the airport train station and central Malaga station every 30 minutes. The station is 4 kilometres from the hotel and tickets are approximately 2 EUR. The number 19 bus runs every 30 minutes to Malaga's city bus terminal. Tickets cost 1 EUR. There is a taxi rank outside the airport terminal. A fare to the hotel will cost approximately 20 EUR. Prices are all subject to change.

Getting around. Malaga's main attractions are situated within the city centre and can be easily reached on foot. A cheap and extensive bus service is in operation in the city. Driving is not recommended in the town centre, however, hiring a car is useful for exploring the coast and locations further inland.

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