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Britannia Country House Manchester
  • The Britannia Country House is located in Manchester, England.
  • In the Didsbury area of Manchester
  • Next to an 18 hole golf course
  • Three miles from Manchester International Airport

Britannia Country House Features.
  • Traditional style decor
  • 24 hour courtesy airport transfers
  • Parking facilities for up to 500 cars
  • Spindles Leisure Club with a indoor pool and fully equipped gymnasium
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Two restaurants, two bars and Fridays nightclub on site

  • Televisions and radios
  • Tea/coffee making facilities
  • Trouser presses

Driving Directions to Britannia Country House Manchester
From Manchester International Airport:
Hotel recomends taking shuttle.
Bus and taxi also available.

Near by other attractions in Manchester
Area Attractions: Bliackpool 40 Miles / 64 Kilometers
Traffold Centre 4 Miles / 6 Kilometers
Manchester City Centre 5 Miles / 16 Kilometers
Manchester Old Traffold Football 6 Miles / 9 Kilometers

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