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Malie Hotel - Hampshire Classic Utrecht
The Malie Hotel Hampshire Classic is a superior class hotel located 45 kilometers from Schiphol Airport. Located among the tree lined avenues of Utrecht, the hotel features a stylish 19th century fa?ade and a spacious garden and terrace. Known as the "heart of the Netherlands," Utrecht's history stretches back to the time of the Romans. Elegant canals, museums, historic buildings, theaters and the music center have all enriched the city's cultural heritage.
All guest rooms have private bath facilities, a writing desk, safe, modem connetion, Wireless High Speed Internet, Internet Computer in the lobby, interactive television and air conditioning. The hotel's friendly staff is always ready to make your stay pleasant in any way they can. Their idea of a well spent stay in Utrecht includes "old fashioned hospitality,ose to modern comfort and a unique location," all of which of the staff can and will help you create. The Malie Hotel Hampshire Classic is close to many dining, shopping and entertainment venues.

Please note that a city tax, to be paid at check out, may apply to this booking. This charge is not included in the rates.
Driving Directions to Malie Hotel - Hampshire Classic Utrecht
From Schipol Airport:
Take Motorway A4 for 3 kms and exit Knooppunt Badhoevedorp, follow direction AstelVeen Utrecht. Take A9 for 11 kms and then A2 for 23 kms exit 7 Utrecht.

Near by other attractions in Utrecht
Area Attractions: Dom Cathedral 2 Kilometers
Shopping Mall 5 Kilometers
The Royal Dutch Trade Fair 3 Kilometers
Amsterdam 35 Kilometers

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