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Top hotels in Ajman
Kempinski Hotel Ajman Ajman
Ajman, the picturesque Emirate on the coastline of the United Arab Emirates, is the setting for the Ajman Kempinski Hotel and Resort. The hotel is adjacent to Sharjah, called the Cultural Capital of the Arab World.
Dining at Ajman Kempinski Hotel and Resort involves several culinary options. Sabella's specializes in Italian cuisine while Hai Tao serves Schezwan and Cantonese. Caf? Kranzler is open 24 hours. Sunbathers enjoy cocktails from the seaside Beach Comber while sports enthusiasts never miss a game in World Cup. Guests experience beauty treatments at Kempinski Wellness Center or may compete in a tennis match on the on site tennis courts. Ballroom, Meeting and Boardrooms accommodate from two to over 1000 guests. A VIP Lounge is accessible by private entrance and Business Studios with ocean views may be used as permanent office spaces.

Guestrooms and suites at Ajman Kempinski Hotel and Resort feature private balconies with ocean views. Guests may enjoy cocktails from the minibar while viewing movies on satellite television. Vacationers experiencing email withdrawal may utilize in room Internet access. Business travelers to Ajman Kempinski Hotel may choose an Executive Room to receive complimentary breakfast and evening cocktails, International newspapers, shoe shine and private check in facility. Guests may also choose from family cabanas and deluxe suites.

White sands, rich local culture and over 100 years of Kempinski tradition create a unique destination for business travelers and vacationing families. Please note: The Hai Tao restaurant will be closed from 31 August 20 08 until 30 September 2008 inclusive.

The tiles around the swimming pool are currently being replaced. The area is partitioned off and guests can swim as normal. Completion date is 31 October 2008.

Spa facilities will be relocated between 1 October 2008 and 21 October 2008 while renovation works take place. All services and treatments will be offered as per normal operational hours.
Driving Directions to Kempinski Hotel Ajman Ajman
Dubai (DXB): Approximate driving time is 25 minutes
Distance is 16 miles.
Taxis to the city center are available 24 hours a day
outside the Terminal 1 arrivals hall.
Limousine hire can be arranged in the arrivals hall
(journey time to the city center: approximately 10 minutes).
A bus service runs to the city center
approximately every ten minutes between 6 AM and 10 PM.

Near by other attractions in Ajman
Area Attractions:Dxb 5.0 Km NwAjman Museum 0.5 Km SeCamel Racing Track 40.0 Km SeDubai Creek 30.0 Km SwDubai Creek Gulf Yacht Club 25.0 Km SeDubai Museum 35.0 Km SwHeritage Village 30.0 Km SwJumeira Mosque 40.0 Km SeKhawaneej Desert 40.0 Km SeSheik Zaeed House 35.0 Km Sw Ajman Free Zone 0.3 Km E

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