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Comfort Suites Hebron Hebron
  • The Comfort Suites Hebron is located in Hebron, Ky.
  • One and one half miles from Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport
  • Three miles from Turfway Park
  • Ten miles from Argosy Casino

Hotel Features.
  • Complimentary hot buffet style breakfasts
  • 24 hour, self service business center
  • Heated indoor pool

  • Complimentary wireless Internet access
  • Refrigerators and microwave ovens
  • Coffeemakers
Driving Directions to Comfort Suites Hebron Hebron
From Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport:
Approximate distance to the hotel is 1.5 miles.

Drive north on Loomis Road toward Barkley Drive.
Turn right onto Donaldson Road/KY 236 East.
Merge left onto KY 212 North toward I 275/Cincinnati/I 71/I 75.
Turn left onto Petersburg Road/KY 20.

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