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Days Inn Riverton Riverton
Set in the center of Wyoming's cowboy country, the Riverton Days Inn (Wyo.) is located 15 miles from Ocean Lake Bird Refuge, 22 miles from the Museum of the American West and 28 miles from Sinks Canyon State Park. Riverton Regional Airport is four miles from the property.
Before venturing out for the day, guests are served continental breakfasts, compliments of the hotel. The Riverton Days Inn offers a 24 hour front desk. Additional amenities include photocopy and fax services, express check in and check out and winter plug ins.

Guestrooms include dial up Internet access and 25 inch televisions with premium movie channels. Family rooms and dual vanity guestrooms are available upon request.
Driving Directions to Days Inn Riverton Riverton
From Riverton Regional Airport:
Take Airport Road and exit the airport.
Drive east on Hwy. 26.
Hwy. 26 becomes Main St.
Hotel is located on the south side of the street.

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