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Comfort Inn Laval Laval
The Comfort Inn Laval is a first class hotel located 30 miles from Downtown Montreal and 12 miles from Dorval Airport. The Comfort Inn brand is one of the fastest growing hotel chains in North America and they are continually updating and modernizing their facilities. Along with highly competitive rates, the hotel offers guests exceptional rooms and great amenities. By maintaining such luxury on a budget, Comfort Inn Laval has built unparalleled chain loyalty with guests, who come back time after time. All of the guest rooms are spacious, well kept and decorated in a modern style with contemporary furnishings and amenities.
All of the rooms feature the most up to date amenities that guests have come to expect; including air conditioning, data ports and cable television. The hotel staff is always available to assist guests with any questions or needs that they may have. The property offers complimentary high speed Internet access. The hotel is very convenient to many area attractions and its location makes getting around very easy. The staff at Comfort Inn Laval is professional and courteous. They provide personalized service that is unsurpassed by any hotel in the industry. The Comfort Inn Laval is convenient to many area shopping, dining and entertainment venues.
Driving Directions to Comfort Inn Laval Laval
Hwy. 40 ex. 70, Hwy. 15 N. Take ex. 8 to St. Martin Blvd E. Turn left at the 1st light on Le Corbusier, left at Tessier.

Near by other attractions in Laval
Area Attractions:Botanical Garden of Montreal 6 Miles
Casino de Montreal 12 Miles
Chomedey 3 Miles
Centre 2000 1 Mile
Concorde Arena 6 Miles
Convention Center 1 Mile
Cosmodome 0.6mter 1 Mile
Notre Dame Basilica 14 Miles
Old Montreal 12 Miles

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